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Propel and Vpro5 dental devices

Propel and Vpro5 were both based on Dr Teixeira's and Dr Alikhani's research

Accelerated Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment does not need to be very long anymore.

Drs Alikhani and Teixeira developed a method to reduce duration of orthodontic treatment by as much as 60% using Micro-Osteoperforations (MOPs).


This procedure introduces tiny holes through the gums into the bone, resulting in increased bone remodeling and accelerated orthodontic tooth movement. This method has been featured on ABC News, various radio shows and published in books and articles. 


Drs Alikhani and Teixeira are regularly invited to teach this method at international conferences and  Universities throughout the world.

Mapping MicMapping Micro-OsteoperfMapping Micro-Osteoperforations (MOPs)orations (MOPs)ro-Osteoperforations (MOPs)
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