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My experience at this clinic is superb.  Dr. Teixeira is gentle, kind and shows she cares about my overall health and makes me feel confident about myself.  My orthodontic treatment here is progressing and after every visit I feel more excitement about the progression I see.  I look forward to seeing the results of my treatment and a great smile!

Miriam Cortes

Honestly, one of the most amazing places I know.  I always brag about Dr. Teixeira and always look forward to coming.  She is very accommodating, and since I am an actor, everything I need to have in my mouth must be removable or unseen.  She is so outside the box it is amazing.  She made things other orthodontists would never make for their clients.  Every thought I have is positive and I am very happy I have her as an orthodontist.

TJ Stanton

Orthodontia Studio is a very clean office, and we love to watch the movies in the waiting area. Dr. Cristina is very friendly and makes us feel comfortable.  I love the red chair (The Throne) very much!!!  I really like the presenting of my case as we can see the 3-D pictures of my teeth and my brain.  It's COOL!!!!


My mum likes the fact that staff is very professional and practice is very clean and we do not have to wait for long time in the waiting room.

Jaskeerat and Harjodh Mann

I believe that this office is very modern and it is the best in Hudson County.  The orthodontist is very nice and seems to know what she is doing.  The office does not cut corners.  I love the large use of MACs, chairs, and black and white silent cartoons are very nice.

Jackson Luis

We were very lucky to discover Dr. Cristina. I researched several different orthodontists and met with two.  After talking to both, I had chosen Dr. Cristina because I knew she would work with my child as opposed to going with a preconceived plan of the course of treatment.  In addition, she and Alana were such a delightful team that it has made our visits pleasurable even though we travel from Manhattan for each appointment.  I think her fees are very reasonable considering the amount of time and quality of the service she provides.

Virginia Tilyard for patient Dana Tilyard
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