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Surgical Treatment

Some jaw problems may be too severe to be corrected with braces alone. These can include discrepancies in both the width and length of the jaws and/or the relative position of the upper to the lower jaw. Due to the lack of bone growth in adult patients, the correction of these problems may sometimes require surgical intervention. Our Orthodontists have patented a new method to correct the most severe bite problems without the need for major surgical interventions, by stimulation of bone changes in the jaws. If you have been diagnosed with a jaw and bite problem that might require surgical intervention, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation and to learn more about this new treatment approach.

Non-Surgical Treatment 

Severe jaw deformity and open bite problem was treated with out need of surgical correction by using only fixed appliances (braces) in combination with mini-implants and MOPs



Early Treatment
Teen/Adult Treatment
Accelerated Orthodontics
Limited Orthodontics
Surgical Treatment
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