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Limited Orthodontics

Some bite problems are mild or limited to an area of the mouth. Minor tooth crowding or a tooth that titled into an extraction space may not require comprehensive treatment with braces and can be easily be correct with removable appliances or using braces just  on the teeth in the problem area. Some of these cases include:


  • Minor anterior crowding


  • Single tooth crossbites


  • Minor spacing such as a midline diastema (space between 2 front teeth)


  • Molar uprighting or opening of space to facilitate implant or bridge to restore missing teeth


  • Correction  of overerupted teeth that moved into opposing extraction spaces


  • Forced eruption of fractured or severely delayed teeth to facilitate prosthesis

Limted Tooth Movement

Adult patient was treated with fixed appliances (braces) placed only on front teeth where crowding was presented.



Early Treatment
Teen/Adult Treatment
Accelerated Orthodontics
Limited Orthodontics
Surgical Treatment
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