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Medical Research Assistant

  • With a Degree in Medicine

  • 1-year research experience in craniofacial biology

  •  1-year research experience in neurology

Candidate should have deep knowledge in craniofacial biology and craniofacial orthopedics and at the same time have training in Medicine to be able to study the effect of general health on craniofacial deformities and malocclusions.

Responsibilities include to develop protocols to properly evaluate patients considering links between systemic conditions (obesity, nutritional habits, trigeminal neuralgia, tinnitus, atypical facial pain, tobacco addiction) and oral health and craniofacial growth. To access growth status of pediatric patients, prepare protocols for promotion of healthy habits, make nutrition recommendations, complete tobacco cessation interventions, advise orthodontists on functional and growth modification orthopedic therapies.  Evaluate and gather patient data of clinical studies as part of Practice Based Research Networks.  Must be able to express results and conclusions in a comprehensive manner.

Submit writing sample, CV, and proof of education to

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