Dear Orthodontia Studio patients,


I hope you are enjoying the time with your loved ones during this critical period. As you know our practice is currently closed for regular orthodontics care due to the American Dental Association guidelines and NJ state mandate  addressing the COVID -19 pandemic.

We know part of successful orthodontic treatment is showing up for your appointments, but that’s not an option under these unusual circumstances. 


If you need one of our doctors to evaluate remotely the state of your appliances you can contact us to schedule a virtual consultation.

We are also here for you should you need to see us in person for an emergency appointment.

Early Interceptive Orthodontic treatment

In general, Early Interceptive Orthodontic treatment does not require very intense maintenance of appliances.


For example, lip bumpers can stay safely in place and active as long as they do not touch the gums in front of the teeth.


Palatal expanders can stay in place for long  periods of time, which can increase the stability of the expansion.


All other appliances can be used as prescribed by your orthodontist for several months without adjustment.

Conventional Braces

If you are using braces you can help keep treatment on track by following your orthodontist’s directions, avoiding hard and sticky foods and keeping your teeth and braces clean. 


With limited appointments available, now is not the time to be breaking brackets, and keeping your teeth clean and appliances intact will ensure the best possible result.

Here you can read our extended guide to safe-guarding your braces.


If you are using Invisalign appliances, you can help keep treatment on track by using your aligners as prescribed by your orthodontist,  and keeping your teeth and appliances clean to ensure the best possible result. 


We can send you more aligners in the mail while the office is closed so your treatment does not get delayed or interrupted during this period.

As soon as restrictions are lifted and we are able to return to our normal working hours we will contact you for a regular office appointment.

Please stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you  soon.


Your Orthodontia Studio family.